What has happened in Culver City over the past few years is pretty amazing.  As the new rail grows so will the areas around the stops and Culver City is a perfect example.  There are plenty of restaurant, stores, residential and commercial spots that you can walk to.

Platform is an open mall area that has recently opened in Culver City.  The name is great.  Think of it as the next generation mall for Millennials.  All the brands are this generations shops.  The area is small, intimate and has lots of greenery.  It has a different vibe and the key is the few restaurants that pull people into the space all week long.  I wonder if that really helps the retailers or not.

The Cannibal is the gastropub attached to the area.

Poketo which is a bit like a concept shop.

Surf Shop.  Not seeing how this store will make it.

Hat and shoe store.

Floral Art which used to be on Abbott Kinney.

Aesop is there and their store is really nicely done.

There is also Linda Farrow with a deep selection of glasses.

Curve has a huge space filled with clothing and a lot of Tom Dixon products.  Next door is a Soul Cycle

Juices, a Sweetgreen and Loqui that serves tacos.

Even Roberta’s has a pop-up restaurant there right now.

The developers did an incredible job.  Someone should hire them to take over the dead outdoor space in Santa Monica that is the old school open outdoor mall.  The issue there is the stores are so unappealing and not fresh.  This feels fresh and definitely geared towards the next generation of pocketbooks.  Yet I do think that they have to do things to draw people in that are not just working in the area.  The neighborhood is booming so maybe that is just the point, small and local.  The Roberta’s pop-up is certainly a smart draw.

Time will tell.



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  1. awaldstein

    Yup–this is good news. I had a Voip company in the area 10 years ago and it was a bit of a wasteland.In LA not to drive is one of life’s greatest pleasures.thanks!

  2. Elli Papadopoulos

    I grew up in Culver City and the area’s public and private investments over the past 20 years has been impressive. There’s always something new popping up! I think Platform is great and definitely meant to be a destination for the local working crowds of Hayden Tract, Sony and Culver Studios. Despite the boom, I think it’s a little “bougie” for the area’s residents and hope the crowds it’s intended for can sustain the success of the stores. Loqui, the mexican joint, has awesome NorCal tacos, btw!

    1. Gotham Gal

      totally agree. a big “bougie” for the locals.

  3. pointsnfigures

    Invested in a NextSpace there… It’s right across the street from the hotel that housed The Munchkins when they filmed the Wizard of Oz. Like that neighborhood.