Need is a Four Letter Word

I was having a conversation about need. It is a word I probably don’t use often. I can want many things but to need something is to be vulnerable. Need emphasizes something that is necessary or essential. Where want is a desire.

I have managed to be self-sufficient on multiple levels my entire life. To say I need something could feel like I am putting my guard down. Need means I can’t do without something and perhaps that makes me appear weak.

As a founder, you want so many things and you want to show strength. You want to hire the right C-team, you want people to follow your lead, you want to hold tight to the steering wheel so that everything goes in the right direction. I want, I want, I want.

If you just change the four letter word to need, it changes the entire conversation. I need to hire the right C-team so I can let go of doing everything. I need to let go when I hire the right team so we can all grow together. I need forces you to take a look at what will force you to blossom and rise up as a CEO. Want doesn’t do the same thing.

Being honest about needing something if not easy to say. Just needing a person to be present for you and put their phone down is different than wanting someone to be present.

Particularly in these weird times when emotions run high. It is important to be honest about what you need vs what you want. It makes a big difference.