Knowing What’s in the Seed, Podcast #163, Eleanor Kuntz and Kerin Law

Eleanor Kuntz and Kerin Law are the co-founders of LeafWorks, a botanical identification company that does DNA sequencing for cannabis. As the Cannabis industry is going through an unprecedented wave of growth and recreational use of the plant is slowly getting legalized throughout the country, new challenges emerge, ranging from safety and fraud prevention to modern breeding techniques.

Leafworks is positioning itself as a DNA testing company FROM the cannabis community, hoping to build a better botanical word. We talked about their unique entrepreneurial journey and lessons learned navigating the world of the cannabis industry.

I truly enjoyed talking to these sharp women and yes there is a baby in the background. Zoom allows. A topic near and dear to my heart. You can also listen on Soundcloud and iTunes.

To learn more about Leafworks, please visit their website.

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