Field Trip!

The team took a field trip up to two cannabis farms last week. The people in this industry are so friendly, engaging, and full of an insane amount of knowledge, and regardless of how hard it is to build these businesses, everyone seems to be having a great time doing it.

The first stop was Flower House. You could smell the sweet smell of cannabis the second we turned up the long road to the farm. Here most of the products are being grown in greenhouses. It is also a new farm.

We have all seen the plant, yet seeing the plant over and over throughout the day just drives home how beautiful and natural cannabis is.

Our next stop was Hepworth Farm. Hepworth has been around since the 1800s. It is one of the largest organic vegetable farms in the state. This soil has been primed for hundreds of years. The fields are flowing with products.

Everything here is being grown outdoors, for now. Like everything in this business, that will change and evolve.

The team is psyched.

This is indoor, where they are drying the products. It almost looks like a carpet store where you flip through the racks. Keep in mind that all products with THC stay in the state. A NY dispensary selling cannabis products can only buy from NY farmers. CBD is a different animal and can be shipped crossed the state line.

I have always loved a good farm trip, from the vegetable stand to picking apples—just a different product. I do love getting to know the farmers, ninth generation farmer right here! Many more field trips to come.

Am I having fun yet? You better believe it!