Back to Paris

Early June is an ideal time to be in Paris. It is not too warm but just warm enough. An incredibly pleasant breeze moves through the city, and the warmth is on your back. The sun doesn’t set until around 1030pm. We can eat delicious food, see some exhibitions and galleries, do a little shopping, take super long walks, and have plenty of time to relax. For us, it is a perfect chill. Fred was working on the right wine, and it was.

Our first evening was at Parcelles in the 3rd. The owners are lovely and have a wine store across the street. The first round of dishes immediately reminded me how the portions are perfect here. Flavors are part of French cuisine, yet this generation’s dishes are more refined with pops of flavor vs. the heavy-handed past.

Two small pieces of rotisserie pork with rosemary over green beans, roasted onions with meat juice, and fresh cherries over the top. Heaven.

I loved the singular size of this pavlova topped with a strawberry rhubarb sauce. Tis the season.

We needed to pick up a few things at the grocery store, and I saw this. Can you find this stuff in the States?

Walked home and passed this. France is getting ready for the Olympics!

The glow of the city warms my heart.

The city was alive on the Seine.