More on Paris

This trip is very mellow.  We get up when we get up; we have a little breakfast, do a cultural event or a shopping event, have lunch, return to do a few work-related things, and then have dinner. Giving me a lot of time to think about Gotham and ignore all the white noise. Quite civilized.

As always, a stop at Mokonuts for lunch. A plate of crudo hamachi is the first dish. The second was mind-blowing. Small pieces of pancetta, plenty of butter, a soft egg at the bottom of the bowl covered with tiny chanterelles, and baby asparagus found in this area of the world.  Mix that all up and take a bite—very much an OMG dish.

The evening activity was the French Open. We have gone for the last few years. So much fun and we saw a great match. One thing to point out, everything is in English, and everybody speaks English. Even the ball kids have jackets on with a saying on the back in English. Even five years ago, that would not be the case. Perhaps we are a more global world, or France is getting ready for the Olympics.

The next day I did a bit of shopping, looking for new designers and products.  A favorite is Broken Arm; I go every time I am in town.  We also go to the Japanese spot in Marche des Enfant Rouges. We have been coming here for 15 years and perhaps boring but I always get the same thing!

There is now a Dover Street Market in the Marais.  A super gritty building that they have played around with. Clothing on one side, art on the other. Commes Des Garcon is hands down one of the most forward-thinking brands ever. 

The weather is getting warmer, but the sun is still out until 1030, which makes for delightful evening strolls home.