Sundays and Mondays in Paris

Our favorite thing to do in Paris on Sunday is head out to the Paul Bert Serpette, the best flea market in the world. It is so much fun and incredibly civilized. 

We are beginning a series on Gotham called “Hi I’m High” and figure this might be the perfect place to record an episode. After taking a Floirst Farms Strawberry, 10mg THC gummy hybrid, about half an hour before getting to the market, we began to film. It should be posted sometime in the next week. It took a bit of time to kick in, but we had so much fun!

As always, we saw some fantastic pieces. I love these lights. 

And also these sconces.

We went to our new lunch spot, Bonne Aventure, for lunch.  The small toasts came with a spread of black olives, capers and anchovies. Could be a summer staple.

After going home for some rest, we returned to Jones for dinner.  Another fave spot that we have been going to for countless years. 

Jones started as Bones. It was quite the hot spot for a while, and has settled into a wonderful neighborhood.  The food is always good.

Monday is usually a chill day in Paris, as many restaurants are not open.  Fred and I biked over to the 10th to hit up Centre Commercial for some diligence for Gotham.  I would have popped in Du Pain et des Idees if not for the ridiculous line.  I think it is the best bakery in Paris.

We returned to the 12th to have lunch at a new spot, Olga. A lovely wine and cheese shop that is open during the day and serves up delicious sandwiches.  Her kids came by when we were there too.  I love how the owner has her shop during the day but closes at night for family time.  Like Mokonuts, they do breakfast, lunch, and no evenings. Perfect!

I took a loop around Samarataine, which was not as exciting as it had been in the past. Bon March is still a better product and worth the journey. However, I did get to say hi to Yayoi Kusama before they take her down.

Monday evening Le Servan is open. We find ourselves in our favorite spots where we have been customers for years, and they never fail to please. Always try a few new spots, but Le Servan is a must whenever we come. I have easily gone there a dozen times, if not more. We love the room and the vibe.

Anchovies set on top of a light buttery toast with hints of chili. Melts in your mouth.

Artichoke salad served with a light English muffin and spicy veal ravioli topped with chopped peanuts. Both are insanely good, and the amounts are just perfect.

Off to bed after a lovely few days in Paris.