Galavanting in Paris

Spending a few days in Paris is my downtime. We walk, eat, see art, relax, and catch up on stuff—the perfect vacation.

I saw someone in the Belleville area, finished early, and decided to walk to Cafe Les Deux Gares. Walking through the 20th into the 10th is an interesting walk. Each of these areas has changed so much over the past decade. I took this shot of the Gare du Nord as I was coming over the bridge.

We were the only people at the cafe speaking English: nothing fancy here, but a great vibe.

The next day, we completely relaxed before heading out to Mokonuts for lunch. Mokonuts have become our must-have lunch every time we come to Paris. The food changes daily; it is always creative and delicious, and I am a fan of the owners. A reservation is a must; if you have never been, the cookie plate is epic.

I did a few errands during the afternoon before heading to Table for dinner. This is our third time there. The experience is unique, and the attention to detail in everything is impressive. We always go with the wine that they recommend with each dish. The sommelier is among the most knowledgeable wine people I have ever met. She digs deep into small makers throughout the globe. We watched a whole fish get made on a grill while we ate and drank, eventually finding it served to us in the photo above.

This is the cheese shaper they use. I might have to find one.

We got up the following day and walked over to Bourse de Commerce. This museum is such an incredible addition to the Paris landscape. The building is so unique, and the shows that are curated there are cutting-edge. Right now, there are two exhibits that we were glad we saw. One is Mike Kelley. This installation in the middle of the museum is based on Kandor, the mythical city that Superman grew up in. This photo does not do it justice.

There was an installation of Lee Lozano, an American conceptual artist. She was insanely prolific in the 60s and the early 70s before disappearing from the art world.

Walking to lunch, we dipped into Bibliotheques, a jaw-dropping library we had never been in. There is always something new to experience in Paris.

This staircase in the library is stunning. I love circular staircases.

Off to lunch for some sushi and some shopping, of course. More in the days to come.